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Update: 15.10.16

Video painting

Video painting places the emphasis on composition; the film is made in a single take without sound, narrative, movement of the camera, or change of focus. Apart from selecting start and end points, there is no subsequent editing of the video. Video painting deliberately shifts the focus away from narrative and subsequent closure, to offer an open-ended approach to viewing the world, inviting quiet contemplation.

What fascinates me about video painting as an art form is that it provides the best technique I've found so far to allow me to capture and share what I enjoy so much about the visual world. It invites a phenomenological approach to viewing.

The three video paintings I have selected to show on my website are all filmed in high definition, using a wide screen format. Each one is a short extract from a much longer video. If you would like to see the whole duration of an individual video painting, or view my other video paintings, please contact me. All of my video paintings would be suitable for display at a size large enough to fill a wall and would make ambient art for building interiors. If you would like to discuss commissioning a video painting for a particular location please contact me.