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Update: 15.10.16


Drowning is a performance to camera featuring me as the central character. This work could be seen as a metaphor for the rejection of the genetic imperative. By ending her life the bride is denying her genes their need to reproduce themselves, which in many religious and secular societies has been dressed up in the trappings of marriage but is still about sex and procreation. Through death by proxy, the work moves from insistent biological forces to serenity, other-worldliness and contemplation of the purely visual. By rebelling against the given, the bride claims the freedom to create her own paradigm.

This video is part of a series of short films, all of which feature a wedding dress and suicide by proxy, either by burning, falling or burying.

Drowning has been shown at:
Pixilerations [v.5] Fragments & [W]holes, Festival of New Media, Providence, Rhode Island, USA in 2008
One Minute Film & Videofestival, Aarau, Switzerland in 2007
Shorts, Norwich Arts Centre, UK in 2007



#MonthOfDays was a month-long project on Twitter during September 2014. I created #MonthOfDays as a response to the pressure to impress others via social media with photographs showing how exciting, happy and action packed our lives are. For one month I tweeted selfies of me doing ordinary every day tasks like putting out the rubbish. Not happy, not sad, but ordinary.