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Update: 15.10.16

Old Skin for the New Ceremony

Old Skin for the New Ceremony takes as its starting point a designer evening dress which is moulded to the shape of a dancing woman. The dress was suspended from a tree at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire, between May and October, as part of Art in the Garden 2010. The two other components of the installation consisted of a short evening dress and bodice, both of which were set in resin, moulded to the female form and mounted on top of huge tree stumps.

This installation is an extension of the series Lack which I describe in more detail here: 3D work information.

I enjoy making work for public spaces, especially outdoors, as it is impossible to completely predict the effect of the elements on the work. Some of my sculptures take on a patina of green lichens when left outside for many months, others gradually change shape. Also, as the environment in which the work is installed changes, this affects the way the work looks. I find this unpredictability exciting.