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Update: 06.08.17


Ladylike is part of a large series of sculptures that I have been making since my MA. The overall series is called Lack, after Jacques Lacan's description of Lack being the absence of the object of our desire. Each individual sculpture is created by moulding found, vintage clothing to the female form and setting the clothing in resin or plaster. The finished sculpture retains the exact shape of the object of desire, in this case woman, but with no woman present. It reveals the inside, normally secret, side of the clothing where it has touched the body. In 2009/10 I had a solo exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe in which I displayed thirteen different female forms outdoors in their sculpture courtyard.

These sculptures will withstand all weathers and operate equally well indoors or outdoors. If you would like to purchase one, or commission a new one, please contact me.


Excreta is a small sample from a larger series of alchemical experiments in which I mix various substances, allow them to set, then leave them for time and the elements to make their mark. The resulting mini sculptures, Excreta, are approximately 2.5 cm cubed, and cannot be fully determined by me, allowing chance to play a part in the final work.

Material Cultures

Material Cultures is a book that fuses art and science. The pages are made from lab equipment, namely dimpled silicone mats, which remind me of blister packs of prescription pills. Each page is decorated with a variety of hand made yarns utilising a mix of textile and surgical stitches, the pages are tied together using surgeon’s knots.

This little book invites intimacy and mindfulness through the senses of touch and vision. Its tactile nature, calming colours and simple stitches offer the opportunity to slow down, take a few moments and feel your way through the book. It is a prescription for wellbeing.

Material Cultures was selected for inclusion in Objects to Touch 2, an international group exhibition, at the Janina Monkute-Marks museum-gallery, Kedainiai, Lithuania between November 2016 and January 2017. It was also selected for Gift Works (July to September 2017) an exhibition selected from the permanent collection of the museum. Material Cultures is now part of the gallery's permanent collection.