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Update: 15.10.16

Under the Skin

Under the Skin is a digital photograph of a 3D sculpture made by me. The photograph encapsulates a moment when it is not clear what you are looking at. Is the object concave or convex? Is it leaning against the wall, seated or floating? Has it been Photoshopped? Is it wet or dry? When I look at this photograph my Gestalt Psychology is continually defeated. I cannot make complete sense of the visual data. I love moments like these.

Under the Skin was shown at The Bristol Gallery. A photograph of the other side of the sculpture, called Skin Deep, is on my Exhibitions Galleries page.

Arachne's Quilt #2

Arachne's Quilt #2 was made in response to seeing a metal fence covered in spiders' webs. The swirls of hair are my own, collected over a long period. They are created by gravity, water and soap. You can see a detail of the work on my Exhibitions Galleries page. This textile artwork was selected for the exhibition: Fibre Art from Asia & Europe at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum, Kėdainiai, Lithuania from April to June 2012, curated by Erny Piret and Kakuko Ishii. Arachne's Quilt #2 is now part of the permanent collection of the Janina Monkute-Marks Museum in Lithuani. It was exhibited in their exhibition Gifted Works from May to July 2013 and again in their international group show Gift Works from 17 July to 30 August 2015.

Kepler 91sb

Kepler 91sb is the second in a series of digital photographs taken of objects found in a box marked "strange, yet beautiful". I've called the series Kepler 90 - 99sb after the naming protocol for the new planetory objects discovered by the Kepler space telescope.

Two Tone

Two Tone was made specifically in response to a request from the Sainsbury Institute for Art: SIfA Presents, to produce an A5 work for a special exhibition entitled Movement in Modernism. The event took place on the evening of 28 February 2014 during which this work was auctioned. The money raised from Movement in Modernism will contribute to the Emma Jonathan Fund, created by students to support undergraduate study-related travel.